Burgos & New York
International Choreography Competition

A unique competition


Address: Plaza Pedro Maldonado s/n
09006 Burgos
Contact Phones:: (+34) 947216522 - (+34) 619416978 - (+34) 605257470


Organised by the Ballet Contemporáneo de Burgos and the Burgos Municipal Institute for Tourism and Culture, in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and the Castilla y León Fundación Siglo for Tourism and the Arts, under the direction of the choreographer Alberto Estébanez, the Contest promotes the art of choreography and the creative values of the world of Dance in the twenty-first century. This event transforms Burgos into a showcase of the latest choreographic creations and trends, and is fortunate to have a prestigious jury presided over by the Artistic Director of the Spanish National Dance Company (CND), José Carlos Martínez. Currently the presidency is run by Catherine Allard.

This year's Contest maintains the lines and content that have marked its identity in previous years, in particular the idea of the choreographer as a "creator of movement" exploring new ways of working and opening up lines of thought, investigation and development that lead to significant global advances in the art. Only such an ambitious objective could justify the reward that goes to the winner, whether it be a newcomer or established choreographer: the considerable financial prize and the prestige of being included among a select group of previous winners who include some of the great choreographers of Europe and America today.

In addition the Contest celebrates and encourages urban dance and its many related forms and activities such as Vertical Dance and Graffiti which help to introduce young people to the art of movement and capture new audiences for Dance.

As always, alongside the formal Contest is a wide fringe of activities including the International Summer Dance in Burgos annual training course in choreography and dance, exhibitions, video-dance screenings, workshops, lectures, and seminars, and above all a meeting point where artists and the public come together to celebrate the philosophy behind it all: the concept of dance as the key player, the central nervous system, in the exchange of emotions, ideas, and performances that have the power to bond cultures and peoples across the world. Since 2016, it has been working closely with the Valladolid International Theater and Arts Festival (TAC), allowing the winning works to be shown in a framework of cooperation and job opportunities for selected choreographers.


A special recognition deserves Municipal Institute of Culture (IMC) of the City of Burgos.
Their presence is always constant and supporting

INAEM National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music, from the second year its economic support and institutional presence endorse us and make us strong in any country


Siglo Foundation for the Arts in Castilla y León. Junta de Castilla y León, its presence reinforces the competition making it reach all the places of our autonomy


Valladolid International Theater and Arts Festival (TAC)


Dozens of people in the silence of applause from others form a team spirit that deserves to be presented:

Students, families, AMPA and teachers of the Authorized Center of Dance Hélade de Burgos
Equipment and dancers of the company Ballet Contemporáneo de Burgos Sl
Partners and management of the "BurgoSalSon"
Palma Carrera, Enciso Castrodeza, Yuguero Del Moral families
Workers and technicians of the theaters and streets of the competition
Hotel Silken Gran Teatro
Residence San Agustín
Staff and technicians of the Municipal Institute of Culture of Burgos (IMC)